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Teacher Resources

This page contains links to some of the forms and information sheets you will need as a Bright Lights teacher. If you have other information or resources you would like to share with the teaching staff, please contact the Education Coordinator at (402) 420-1115, ext. 42 or email, and we will add it to this page.

Camp Resources

Supply Resources

  • Please complete and bring to the spring Teacher Meeting. Items may also be emailed to the Bright Lights office at or photocopies may be made at the main program site once the program weeks begin.

  • Teachers are encouraged to purchase their own supplies to make sure they get exactly what they want, and can be reimbursed by submitting receipts either immediately to the Bright Lights office, or by attaching to the pay sheet at the end of the teaching week.

    A supply request form can be completed and returned to the Bright Lights office via email or at the teacher meeting if the teacher wants the supply coordinator to purchase supplies. This request must be made no later than May 17. The total spent will be deducted from the class’s overall supply budget. Supplies purchased by Bright Lights will be available on set-up day.

  • If teachers would like to be reimbursed for supplies prior to their program week or have additional class fees, they may request a pre-paid card. Please complete a separate form for each class and submit to Wendy Ferrin ( at least two weeks before your program week.

Behavioral Resources

Additional Resources

Camp Assistants

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