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Here at Bright Lights we've put together a list of some free and easy-to-use resources to keep your students' minds on during school closures.

  • Grab a box of mixed pieces and get started on the 30 Days of LEGO® Play! Kids, no matter the age, will love this challenge! If you have older kids that are working on writing, these would make great writing prompts. They can build and be creative with their build, but then they can also write a short story to go with their build.

  • Math and logic problems for ages 5 and up.

  • The real surface of Mars. Recorded by NASA's Curiosity rover. Now in your browser.

  • Rowe Sanctuary protects and manages over 2,300 acres and five miles of river channel. Established in 1974, the Sanctuary was the first land protected for sandhill cranes on the Platte River. It has been designated as a Globally Important Bird Area, part of an international effort to protect the world's most important sites for birds. The Iain Nicolson Audubon Center at Rowe Sanctuary provides a connection to the Platte River for people from all around the world to enjoy.

  • Experiment with 3 different marble sizes/weights to test potential and kinetic energy (includes printable worksheet).

  • BrainPOP is here to help you and your curious learners stay informed and on-track with free access during school closures.

  • Help your kids become expert super-sleuths with these Carmen Sandiego™ educational resources! From posters to card games to episode guides and more, you’ll find everything you need to spark curiosity and inspire your Carmen crew.

  • Virtually tour the Great Wall of China.

  • It can be scary to hear about a disease outbreak, but learning the facts can help ease your mind. Find out more about how viruses work and the best ways to prevent them from infecting more people. Viruses can’t spread without our help, so learn how NOT to help them!

  • Yoga and mindfulness for kids.

  • Duolingo allows learners to discover patterns on their own without needing to focus on language rules — the same way you learned your first language as a child. This approach, called "implicit learning," is ideal for developing a strong foundational knowledge of a language and its rules.

  • Virtually tour 11 different types of farms producing everything from dairy to grains to sheep to apples.

  • Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks. Choose among free ePub and Kindle eBooks and download them or read them online. You will find the world's great literature here, with a focus on older works for which U.S. copyright has expired.

  • Everything from graph paper to timed exercises to holiday-themed worksheets is available to download and print.

  • Live webcams in different areas of the aquarium: observe beluga whales, jellyfish, a coral reef, sea lions, otters, piranhas, puffins, sea otters, and more.

  • You can complete this escape room as a family or individual, and you can compete against friends and try it multiple times. Just make sure you have fun!

  • With interactive models and detailed explanations, this website teaches about the internal mechanics of the human body and 11 bodily systems.

  • Author Chris Grabenstein takes you behind the scenes and chats about his most popular creation: Mr. Lemoncello!

  • Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Courses for K-12, including AP courses.

  • Mo Willems invites YOU into his studio every day for his LUNCH DOODLE. Learners worldwide can draw, doodle and explore new ways of writing by visiting Mo’s studio virtually once a day for the next few weeks. Grab some paper and pencils, pens, or crayons and join Mo to explore ways of writing and making together. New episodes will be posted each weekday at 12:00 p.m. CT and then remain online to be streamed afterwards. Check back each weekday for new LUNCH DOODLES!

  • Interactive games based on the book series.

  • Each challenge includes simple instructions using materials around the house, QR code video resources, and a student recording sheet.

  • Lessons on ancient civilizations, American history, world history, and American government for kids.

  • All of the lessons are designed to engage students, achieve learning outcomes, and be easy to use. They have short mini-lessons that are completely digital and full lessons that include an activity. All of the activities are designed to use simple supplies a parent will likely already have at home.

  • Brain Boosters, animal videos, games, facts, and other cool stuff for kids.

  • DIY nature journal instructions using a paper bag, plus several free printables.

  • Play games, solve STEM challenges, listen to podcasts, read eBooks, get homework help, and even work on your application to be an astronaut!

  • Nebraska Studies puts the history of the state at your fingertips, from its very beginning to the 21st century. On this site you can meet the people and explore the events that have shaped this state, through archival photos, historic documents, personal letters, special video segments, informative maps, supplemental activities, pertinent lessons, and much more.

  • Virtual tour and lessons about this Lincoln landmark.

  • Standards-aligned lessons help students develop essential skills: read and analyze texts, share ideas, collaborate using technology, build empathy.

  • PBS and your local station have curated FREE, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more.

  • Videos, activities, and games for kids who love animals!

  • Interactive writing prompts for grades K-6.

  • Play games and hang out with Dr. Seuss!

  • LPS students have access to eBooks on Sora using their LPS 6-digit ID and password (contact your child's teacher if you do not have this information).

  • A virtual collection of resources, webinars and workshops intended to help families keep learning going for their children while schools and other activities are suspended.

  • Celebrities read their favorite children's books. Reading aloud to children has been shown to improve reading, writing and communication skills, logical thinking and concentration, and general academic aptitude, as well as inspire a lifelong love of reading.

  • Astronauts reading kids' favorite books on the International Space Station!

  • Video-based lessons organized by subject.

  • Learn touch typing for free.

  • Lenny has lots of videos and tutorials for popular songs on the ukulele.

  • 12 famous museums offer virtual tours you can take from anywhere!

  • Take a virtual tour of Yellowstone courtesy of the National Park Service.

  • A place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. Each day, we pose an intriguing question—the Wonder of the Day®—and explore it in a variety of ways.

  • Women make up 51 percent of the population but less than 15 percent of engineers. Here are some links to biographies about female engineers and scientists and their inventions. There are also links to scholarships if you are interested in studying engineering in college.

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