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Class Descriptions

New Heights: Rock Climbing

Class #124: June 3-7, 9am-12pm (grades 3-5)

Class #314: June 10-14 9am-12pm (grades 6-8)

Class #732: July 15-19 9am-12pm (grades 6-8) Sponsored by Kenneth and Ernestine Von Bargen

Location: Outdoor Adventures Center at UNL 

Fee: $20 Facilities  

Experience the rush of rock climbing! Connect with fellow students while you learn the basic technical skills required to get you climbing, including how to put on a harness and tie in the climbing rope. Problem-solve as you scale vertical walls, find the right body positions and learn a little more about yourself along the way. Come see what climbing can offer beyond the adrenaline rush. Belay on!  

Taught by Outdoor Adventures Staff 

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