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Class Descriptions

Nanotechnology and the 21st Century

Grades Completed: 6-8  

Class #312: June 10-14, 9am-12pm  

Location: UNL City Campus—Jorgensen Hall  

Fee: $10 Facilities

Nanoscience is paving the way for exciting new possibilities and significantly impacting our world. Enter the nanoworld in the laboratories of UNL’s physics and astronomy building and see how it affects many different fields like physics, chemistry and biology. Make nano ice cream, nano composite material and squishy electrical circuits. Learn about magnetism, hydrogels that carry medicine, the ever-shrinking microchip and nanofabric that repels ketchup and other stains. See how new smart materials remember their shape, metal breathes and more! Experiments will be led by UNL faculty and graduate students.

Taught by Nebraska Center for Materials & Nanoscience (NCMN) Faculty Members and Staff; Carol Moravec, Southeast High School Teacher

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