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Class Descriptions

Mysteries at Hollywall Detective Academy

Grades Completed: 3-5 

Class #216: June 3-7, 1pm-4pm

Location: Holmes Elementary 

Fee: $6 Field Trip   

Become a detective at the famous Hollywall Detective Academy! Travel through time to solve mysteries that have stumped the most experienced detectives. We’ll search for a lost mummy in Egypt, visit the Louvre in Paris to investigate the missing Mona Lisa and even go to outer space to find clues about UFOs! On Thursday, parents will drop off and pick up at Morrill Hall, where we will spend class searching for the rattling bones of Lord McDavey. Real-world skills will involve problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork and communication. Are you up for the challenge?

Taught by Pamela Shunkwiler, Lakeview Elementary School Teacher 

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