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Class Descriptions

Camouflage for Survival

Grades Completed: 2-3   

Class #814: July 15-19, 1pm-4pm

Location: Holmes Elementary

Dive in with some of the most hidden insects and animals this world has to offer. Can you see them? Look closely...they might just creep up on you! During this week you will become one of the best zoologists Bright Lights has to offer. As you become masters in the art of camouflage, we will discover the ways insects and animals seem to disappear. Choose and research a fellow master of invisibility in the animal kingdom, discover the needs of camouflage, and learn how you can develop a keen eye for hidden creepy crawlies waiting to jump. Get ready, it's about to get wild in here! On Thursday, parents will drop off and pick up at Pioneers Park where students will experience some real-life camouflage activities.

Taught by Kasey Dils, Lincoln Public Schools Special Education Teacher

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