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Camp Descriptions

So, You Want to Become Better at Drawing?

suggested grades completed: 3-5
dates and times: July 9, 10-11am

We are all born with an interest to create -- music, writing, food, dance, art, and others. And with anything we enjoy and have an interest in, we must practice to improve! In this camp, you will learn and practice several strategies put forth by researcher Betty Edwards that will help help improve your observation skills and drawing ability. Students will explore three different drawing strategies: upside down drawing, blind contour and continuous line contour. With practice, you too, can be a better drawer!

Taught by Bob Reeker, Elliott Elementary School K-5 Visual Arts Specialist

Watch YouTube video of camp:

  • Materials Needed:

    -drawing tool(s) like pencil, crayons, markers, colored pencils
    -paper surface(s)
    -image from a coloring book
    -organic-shaped objects like shoes, stuffed animals, flowers, shells, leaves, your hand

  • PDF for reference

  • Video shared during camp with 6 things you need to know!

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