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Camp Descriptions

Roll On: Skating and More – NEW!

Grades Completed: 4-7 

Camp #502: June 20-24, 1pm-4pm    

Location: Lincoln Sports Foundation 

Fee: $5 Materials 

Roll with Good Life Skate Center at Lincoln Sports Foundation this summer. Learn how to roller skate and play various roller sports like roller derby and dance skating. No matter your skill level on 8-wheels, there's always something to do and learn. Don't worry - falling is part of the learning process, but we'll teach you how to do so safely and with minimal risk of injury. Bring your own skates (quads or inlines) and safety gear or rent from Good Life. Our team of experts are excited to meet you! 

Taught by Good Life Skate Center Staff and experts from roller derby, roller hockey, dance/jam skating and aggressive inline skating 


Camp sponsored by Robbins Family Charitable Foundation

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