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Camp Descriptions

On the Oregon Trail

Grades Completed: 2-5   

Camp #710: June 28-July 2, 1pm-4pm   

Location: Holmes Elementary  

This camp is a new twist on a classic game, “The Oregon Trail.” Students will become eager settlers looking for opportunity as they leave their old lives behind in Independence, Missouri. Participants will work in teams to battle disease, survive harsh weather and scavenge for supplies with the goal of making it to Oregon City - but be warned, make the wrong choice along the way and your team could end up with a tragic outcome. Every settler will have a unique skill that may come in handy for their covered wagon team. Will you be a blacksmith, a merchant, a seamstress or play some other role? Join our journey and prove that you can conquer the trail! 

Taught by Kasey Dils, Pershing Elementary School Teacher 

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