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Camp Descriptions

It’s All Greek to Me: Olympus Adventures

suggested grades completed: 3-5

dates and times: July 6-7, 10AM-11AM

Each day we will share stories from Greek Mythology to learn about Heroes, Monsters and Feats of Strength. We will hear about Arachne disrespecting the gods and learn how to make a weaving. Pull up a chair and hear the Tale of Troy and make a Trojan Horse. Learn how Medusa was defeated and the story of Persephone. We will read, cook, and craft! By the end of our two days we hope you will author your own Greek Myth! 

Taught by Shelley Clayburn, Rousseau Elementary School

Day 1 video on YouTube:

Day 1 Materials Needed:

Day 2 video on YouTube:

Day 2 Materials Needed:

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