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Camp Descriptions

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

suggested grades completed: 3-6

dates and times: June 22-25, 10am-11am

We are pleased to inform you that your young witch or wizard has been accepted to Bright Lights Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Term begins promptly at 10 AM on June 22. Classes will be one hour each day, Monday through Thursday.

Taught by David Tien and Brandi Benson, Southwest High School Teachers; Zoe Tien, Certified Teacher

Register on Zoom:

*Please note: this camp will not be available to view on our YouTube channel after it takes place. 

June 22, 10 AM-11 AM: Creating Spells From Nature

Join Professor Hagrid for an opportunity to create magic from the world around you. Students will invent their own spell from the properties of nature, and develop a poetic description of their spell.

  • Materials Needed:

    Paper - Construction or Printer
    Leaves/Flowers/Twigs - You will use this to create your spell, so choose wisely!

June 23, 10 AM-11 AM: Create Your Own Spell Books and Spell Bracelets

Join Professor Sinestra to create your own spell book so you will never be at a loss for magic again! Students will create their own book from scratch and will bind it into a wearable charm.

  • Materials Needed:

    Paper - Construction or Printer (ask an adult to cut these in quarters and hole-punch them for you)
    Two twigs longer than the book and about as thick as your index finger
    Two thick rubber bands
    Friendship Bracelet String

  • Parents: follow this PDF tutorial to create your student’s spell book

  • Printable version of a spiral knot tutorial. Think of a spell as you are making your bracelet and the spell will be woven into it!

  • Video showing how to make the spiral knot bracelet

June 24, 10 AM-11 AM: Potter Paper Creations

Join us for some fun Harry Potter crafts that involve nothing more than paper, a printer and some markers or crayons. Hogwarts students will learn to make a Muggle Sorting Hat, discover and create their own patronus and create a house-themed bookmark for their summer reading.

  • Materials Needed:

    Notebook or Printer Paper
    Construction Paper

  • House-Themed Bookmark:

    Printed House Crest PDF (see link below)
    (4) - 11 inch x ½ inch Pieces of House-Themed Paper - 2 pieces for each house color
    For example: If you select Slytherin, you will need 2 green pieces of paper and 2 silver)
    ○ Gryffindor (red/yellow)
    ○ Ravenclaw (blue/bronze)
    ○ Slytherin (green/silver)
    ○ Hufflepuff (yellow/black)

  • PDF to print

  • Choose Your Patronus PDF to print

  • PDF for reference only - do not need to print

June 25, 10 AM-11 AM: Compete for the Triwizard Cup

Do you have what it takes to be a Triwizard Champion? Join us for some fun challenges that will test your Harry Potter knowledge. Only one can be named the Champion, but all will be challenged to the depths of their skills. Join us for quizzes such as: “Who Said That?,” “The Ultimate Spell-ing Test,” and more.

  • Materials Needed:

    Your brain!

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