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Camp Descriptions

Diggin’ Up Dinos

suggested grades completed: K-2

dates and times: June 29-July 2, 10 AM-11 AM

Join in the dinosaur fun as you spend the next four days perfecting the craft of paleontology. During this time campers will become virtually certified Bright Lights Paleontologists and get the opportunity to discover what dinosaurs ate, what they used to protect themselves, how fossils are formed, and so much more! We can't promise any real dinosaurs, but we can promise a dino-mite time.

Taught by Kasey Dils, Pershing Elementary School Teacher

Watch camp videos on YouTube:

  • link to Mr. Dils' Virtual Classroom for MORE fun activities!

  • PDFs to print for Monday

  • Materials Needed for Monday:

    -Brown or white paper bag
    -Glue or tape
    -Clothes Pin Dino PDF
    -Dinosaur Puppet PDF

  • PDFs to print for Tuesday

  • Materials Needed for Tuesday:

    -Paper Dino Dig PDF
    -Black Construction Paper

  • PDFs to print for Wednesday

  • Materials Needed for Wednesday:

    -Dino Egg PDF
    -Popsicle Stick
    -Construction Paper

  • PDFs to print for Thursday

  • Materials Needed for Thursday:

    -Construction Paper
    -My Dino PDF
    -Dino Puppet Printout
    -Paper Fasteners

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