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Camp Descriptions

Diggin’ Up Dinos

Grades Completed: K-2    

Camp #904: July 11-15, 1pm-4pm      

Location: Roper Elementary    

Fee: $7 Field Trip   

Become a paleontologist as you explore and dig up hidden fossils that have long been forgotten. Feel and touch some real fossilized teeth as we investigate what dinosaurs must have eaten. Hatch your own dinosaur, determine its type, what it liked to eat and how it lived millions of years ago. Finally, leave the class with an elaborate habitat that your dinosaur can call home and an official Bright Lights Paleontologist Certificate! On Wednesday, parents will drop off and pick up at Morrill Hall where you will get up close and personal with some real dinosaur fossils!    

Taught by Anna Watson, UNL Elementary Educator 

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