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Camp Descriptions

Communication Station

Grades Completed: 3-5 

Camp #214: June 7-11, 1pm-4pm   

Location: Holmes Elementary 

Welcome to the Communication Station, where we will explore just a few of the thousands of languages and forms of communication that human beings use all over the world! Whether it’s words, signs, facial expressions, body language, or emojis, human beings cannot not communicate. Catch my drift? This week, we will check out some ancient forms of written communication, like Cuneiform and Egyptian Hieroglyphs, learn some introductory Spanish, and try our hands at American Sign Language! We will discover what communication looks (and feels and sounds and smells) like in the animal kingdom, and will even learn Morse code and flag semaphore. Charades, Signs, Telephone, Catch Phrase and other games will sharpen our communication skills even more! 

Taught by Rebecca Ziems, Spanish and K-12 Education major at Augustana University 

Sponsored by Union Bank & Trust 



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