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Camp Descriptions

Artists Traveling Abroad

Grades Completed: 4-6   

Camp #226: June 7-11, 1pm-4pm  

Location: Holmes Elementary

Come explore Paris, Venice, Giza and Tokyo and create artwork from these great cities. The Louvre will be our first stop to view Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Next, we'll take a gondola ride to Venice to view beautifully hand-crafted Venetian masks. Then onward to Egypt and King Tut's tomb, with all his gold and treasures inside. We'll stop in America next and view Claes Oldenburg's Pop Art. Finally, we'll cruise over to Tokyo to battle some big waves like the printmaker Hokusai did. Through our travels we will learn art techniques and skills, problem solving, communication and art history.  

Taught by Pamela Shunkwiler, St. Robert Bellarmine School Art Teacher  

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