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Camp Descriptions

Aim for the Target

Grades Completed: 3-5

Camp #622: June 22-26, 9am-12pm

Location: Nebraska Game and Parks Outdoor Education Center 

Fee: $18 Facilities

Enjoy a week with the Outdoor Education Center staff exploring and challenging yourself with a variety of skills. This is an outdoor camp featuring archery, slingshots, bow fishing, outdoor cooking and atlatl throwing. Safety is emphasized! Become an outdoor skill scientist as you discover the physics of hitting the bullseye, heating a Dutch oven treat and testing gravity with a projectile released from your slingshot. Each day participate in exciting range activities that develop concentration and coordination as you work toward Range Commander status. Students must be 8 years old or older to participate in this camp, regardless of grade.

Taught by Jim Rosenberger, East High School Teacher and avid outdoorsman

Sponsored by Cornhusker Bank

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