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Camp Descriptions

Adventures Through Time  

Join us for some grand adventures based on the Magic Treehouse book series!
Register for all four sessions or just the ones that work for you.

suggested grades completed: 1-2
dates and times: June 1-4, 10am-11am

Taught by Shelley Clayburn, Rousseau Elementary School Teacher 

June 1, 10am-11am: I Dig Dinosaurs on YouTube

Join us for some “dino-mite” activities and discussion about dinosaurs!

  • Materials Needed:

    paint or markers, paper plate, scissors, construction paper, glue, straw or tongue depressor, egg carton, pipe cleaner, googly eyes

  • PDF to print

  • PDF to print

  • PDF to print

June 2, 10am-11am: Hieroglyphs and Hamsters on YouTube

I’ll have a special guest to help me share information about Mummies and Hieroglyphs.

June 3, 10am-11am: Puzzling Pirates on YouTube

Argh! What would your pirate name be? We’ll talk about some famous pirates and look at their flags, as well as do a fun craft! 

  • Materials Needed:

    optional bandana, printed eye patch sheet (preferably on cardstock), scissors, string, solo cup, aluminum foil, optional printed parrot (preferably on cardstock), feathers, glue, googly eye

  • PDF to print (preferably on cardstock)

  • PDF to print

  • PDF to print

  • PDF to print

June 4, 10am-11am: Shining Knights on YouTube

Let’s go on a quest and find some dragons! Along the way we will talk about shields and crests, and make one of our own. 

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