Bright Lights

Learn. Imagine. Provide.

Quality summer learning programs allow children to create and learn, to master new skills and build new relationships. While Bright Lights offers valuable experiences for children, support from you is needed to guarantee the continuation of Bright Lights diverse, quality programs. With the support and dedication of the community, Bright Lights, a non-profit 501(c)(3), has become a vital part of summer learning opportunities, serving elementary and middle school students. Bright Lights is not a recipient of federal, state, or local tax revenues and is not financially supported by United Way or owned by any public or private schools.

Your continued dedication and Lincoln’s enthusiasm for Bright Lights keeps our program strong. We would appreciate your tax-deductible donation at any level.

Class Sponsor

Children’s lives are enhanced through a positive learning experience, expanding their view of the world. Your class sponsorship of our summer classes assists with the cost of classroom rental, supplies, and teacher salary. All donations of $500 or more will be recognized in promotional materials. 


Bright Lights offers one partial scholarship per student showing financial need. Each year there are approximately 300 students that take advantage of this opportunity. Your scholarship gift can benefit one or more children in our next program. All donations of $500 or more will be recognized in promotional materials.

General Fund

Program fees cover approximately half of the operating expenses, while the other half comes from donations from our community. Program costs include health and safety, scholarships, insurance, teacher and classroom assistant background checks, supply upgrades, teacher salaries, school rental, and technology requirements.

For more information on donating to Bright Lights, please contact Lisa Sypal at 402-420-1115 ext. 41 or click "Contact Us" below.