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Bright Lights values safety as much as summer learning. We are choosing to continue to do our part to slow and prevent the spread of the coronavirus and therefore we will not be having live, in-person camps this summer. Instead, we are going to be flipping things around and bringing select Bright Lights camps straight to students this summer, virtually. And camps on this “flipside” are FREE!

Please note: some camps last for just one day while others may offer several sessions during the week. Each session is unique, so you may want to attend all that are offered, or attend just the ones that appeal to your interests or work with your schedule. When you register, you will be allowed to specify which days of that camp you will attend. Past camps are posted on our YouTube channel so you can watch the ones you missed or go back and do them again!

Getting Started with Zoom
Note: please make sure you have downloaded Zoom 5.0. After May 30, 2020, all Zoom clients on older versions will receive a forced upgrade when trying to join meetings.

By registering for a webinar, you acknowledge that all discussion and participation are for educational purposes ONLY. For those families who choose to participate via webcam, please note that this webinar will be posted online after the live event. By registering and participating, you are acknowledging that you are ok with that.

Week 1: June 1-4

Adventures Through Time

10am-11am June 1-4
suggested grades completed: 1-2, but all are welcome!

Join us for some grand adventures based on the Magic Treehouse book series. 

Week 2: June 8-11

WHAM! BAM! KAPOW! Let's Make a Graphic Novel!

10am-11am June 8-9
suggested grades completed: 4-5, but all are welcome!

What makes a graphic novel different from other illustrated books? Discover the difference by creating your own graphic novel. Explore how authors and illustrators use pictures and words to create great stories. We’ll learn how to develop dynamic characters, put them in unusual situations and add action to make engaging stories.

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

10am-11am June 10
suggested grades completed: 2-4, but all are welcome!

Do you REALLY like ice cream? Explore the ingredients used to make ice cream, some science behind how it is made, and make your very own ice cream to eat!

American Sign Language: Getting Started

10am-11am June 11
suggested grades completed: 3-8

Join us as we take a peek into the creative beauty of American Sign Language! We will learn a little bit about the vibrant Deaf culture in America and the basics of their visual language. Participants will gain an understanding of some of the history and values of Deaf culture, as well as some misconceptions surrounding it. Students will also learn about fingerspelling and will be able to practice some ASL vocabulary, including useful phrases and questions. 

Week 3: June 15-18

Bubble Festival

10-11am June 15-16
suggested grades completed:  K-1

BUBBLES! BUBBLES! We will explore the science behind bubbles and different ways to make bubbles.  You will learn how to make different kinds of wands and create art using bubbles.  

Make A Pioneer Rag Doll

10-11am June 17
suggested grades completed: 2-5

Laura Ingalls Wilders' "Little House on the Prairie" books teach us about daily life as a pioneer in the 1870s. Join us as we create a boy or girl rag doll from that time using cloth and yarn. I will show you how to clothe the doll with a traditional apron and scarf or a more modern superhero cape!

Dress Up and Draw: Lions, Tigers, and TEDDY Bears, Oh My!

10-11am June 18
suggested grades completed: K-2

Wake up! It's time to draw! Attend class in your cool jammies, snuggling up with a warm blanket and pillow, as we draw our stuffed animals. Get to know others in the class through a "That's Me!" warm up, understand what still life is and how shapes make up objects, and spend some quality time drawing what you see and love --- your favorite stuffed animal(s).

Week 4: June 22-25

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

10-11am June 22-25
suggested grades completed: 3-6

We are pleased to inform you that your young witch or wizard has been accepted to Bright Lights Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Term begins promptly at 10 AM on June 22. Classes will be one hour each day, Monday through Thursday.

Uke Can Do It!

1-2 pm June 22-25
suggested grades completed: 3-6

We're taking the joy of ukulele online! Designed for students with some ukulele experience, this camp will introduce new chords, rhythm patterns, and songs to students while developing an understanding of individual practice techniques. A properly-tuned ukulele is recommended to get the most out of the camp. Tuning video on YouTube:

BONUS Week: June 29-July 2

Diggin' Up Dinos

10-11am June 29-July 2
suggested grades completed: K-2

Join in the dinosaur fun as you spend the next four days perfecting the craft of paleontology. During this time campers will become virtually certified Bright Lights Paleontologists and get the opportunity to discover what dinosaurs ate, what they used to protect themselves, how fossils are formed, and so much more! We can't promise any real dinosaurs, but we can promise a dino-mite time.

Week 5: July 6-9

It's All Greek to Me: Olympus Adventures

10am-11am July 6-7
suggested grades completed 3-5

Each day we will share stories from Greek Mythology to learn about Heroes, Monsters and Feats of Strength. We will hear about Arachne disrespecting the gods and learn how to make a weaving. Pull up a chair and hear the Tale of Troy and make a Trojan Horse. Learn how Medusa was defeated and the story of Persephone. We will read, cook, and craft! By the end of our two days we hope you will author your own Greek Myth! 

American Sign Language, Part 2

10am-11am July 8
suggested grades completed 4-8

Whether you attended my first Flipside camp or not, you are welcome to come check out ASL part 2! Together we will review some of the basics, watch someone sign a funny story that is popular in Deaf Culture  and practice some new words and sentences! Come explore this fun and unique language with me as we get even better at communicating with our hands and faces, instead of our voices.

So, You Want to Become Better at Drawing?

10am-11am, July 9
suggested grades completed 3-5

We are all born with an interest to create -- music, writing, food, dance, art, and others. And with anything we enjoy and have an interest in, we must practice to improve! In this camp, you will learn and practice several strategies put forth by researcher Betty Edwards that will help help improve your observation skills and drawing ability. Students will explore three different drawing strategies: upside down drawing, blind contour and continuous line contour. With practice, you too, can be a better drawer!

If you've taken a Flipside camp, please participate in our short survey to help us improve our program and better serve our community. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated! Watch our YouTube channel for recordings of past camps!

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