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Who Can Apply?

Bright Lights needs approximately 250 classroom assistants for the summer program. High school students (completed 9th-12th grade), college students, and adults are welcome to apply. College education majors are also encouraged to consider this opportunity. College students will receive a certificate of appreciation suitable for portfolios and resumes.

This system is only compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers. All other browsers, including Apple's Safari, are not recommended for use. 

Please DO NOT use your LPS or school email address as you will not receive a confirmation email from us. This address is not a valid email.


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How to Apply

The online application will be available March 8, 2017. It will take about 15 minutes to complete the form. The application requests the name, address and phone numbers of two references and the summer weeks the prospective assistants are available. Applicants should consider or take into account their personal vacation dates, job schedules, camps and other activities when applying. A background check will be required of all applicants new to the program who are 19 years of age and older by June 1 of the program year.

Applications should be submitted as soon as possible. This allows Bright Lights to better accommodate an applicant's choice of session(s) and time(s). Candidates with a broader date and interest range give Bright Lights greater flexibility of placement. Candidates will be notified of their application status by May.


Classroom Assistants will be assigned a variety of of responsibilities during the program week. Some of these responsibilities may include small-group work, reading to students, preparing materials, coordinating games on the playground, and working with individual students.

A responsibility list will be sent to the assistant with his/her assignment, including the teacher’s name and contact information, before the summer session. The assistant should contact the teacher prior to the beginning of his/her class.

Classroom Assistant responsibilities include:

  • Attending an hour and a half orientation. This orientation is required for first and second year assistants and will provide safety procedures and tips for working with young students. See the Classroom Assistant Calendar for orientation dates.
  • Helping the teacher prepare the classroom on set-up day, generally the Friday prior to the program week.
  • Arriving and working with the teacher 15 minutes before class and 15 minutes after class.
  • Helping clean up and move out of the classroom at the conclusion of the program week.

Convictions that disqualify classroom assistants:

  • Any drug distribution activity or felony drug possession
  • Any sexual offense
  • Assault, including domestic violence related incidents
  • Child abuse, molestation or other crime involving endangerment of a minor
  • Any other felony or crime involving moral turpitude. 

For questions about this rewarding opportunity or about classroom assistant placement, please contact Jodi at 402-420-1115 Ext. 49 or click "Contact Us" below.

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