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Camp Assistants Share Volunteering Highlights

What’s so great about volunteering with Bright Lights summer camps? Two of our Camp Assistants are here to tell us! 

Noah Goldberg, Lincoln East High School Senior 

My mom has been teaching a Bright Lights camp (French Cooking) for several years now and I thought it seemed cool, so I decided to try to be part of it. 

I did two camps my first year and one my second year. I’ve been an assistant in camps about things I’m interested in, and I almost always learn something new. 

I love how a lot of the kids in your camp look up to you. Every year I have a few kids tell me that they really want to be an assistant when they get old enough, and that is a really cool feeling to get. 

Being an assistant is a really fun thing to do. I also volunteer at the city library during the summer and being an assistant has helped me talk to kids better and help them. 

Lauren Moon, Lincoln High School Senior 

I have been a Camp Assistant (CA) for 3 years, mostly for LEGO Robotics classes but also for wood working at Lux. I wanted to be a CA because I had been a camper for 7 years and enjoyed the Bright Lights community. I wanted to give back and make amazing summer experiences possible for other kids as CAs had done for me. 

The environment is light-hearted and focused on everyone having a good time, which makes Bright Lights not your usual volunteering gig. I look forward to Bright Lights every year. 

Most of the time the campers can figure things out for themselves, but sometimes they need a little nudging or help. I have learned not to underestimate campers’ creativity and willpower, and that I am not as good at Four Square as I should be. 

From Bright Lights, I have gained skills dealing with elementary and middle school-aged children that have proved useful, and it has been a good addition to my resume. I would recommend everyone to apply to be a CA at Bright Lights this summer because it is a fun and easy way to be involved in the Lincoln community. 

Know a potential Camp Assistant recruit? Applications are now being accepted at or go directly to to apply! 

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