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Give to Lincoln Day is Thursday!

Give to Lincoln Day is Thursday!

Give to Lincoln Day is an annual event organized by the Lincoln Community Foundation. It is a dedicated time for people to donate to non-profits in the community and have their donations increased thanks to a matching fund.  

While Give to Lincoln Day is actually on Thursday, donations can be made at from now until then. This means that all donations made to Bright Lights during this time will have an even greater impact on our future students and the camps we provide. Teacher salaries, supplies, rental fees, all are paid for by donors like YOU!   

Celebrating and supporting local non-profits is an amazing way to connect and unite our community, especially during this time of COVID-19. So many people are being impacted, and non-profits specifically are taking a huge hit both financially and in their ability to serve the populations they work with.  

Over half of Bright Lights annual income comes from student registrations, and this year we aren’t collecting that income since we can’t have in-person camps. Instead, we have flipped things around to offer free virtual camps this summer to students anywhere. And while this makes it an exciting time to join in the fun and see what Bright Lights is all about, it also means that we are in need of all the support we can get from our community. We are so grateful that Give to Lincoln Day is happening right NOW, and your gift can have an even greater impact on the future of Bright Lights.   

Wanting to give in other ways, too? Here are two suggestions:  

1) Bright Lights is looking for advocates who can share our story and help spread our message of how important (and fun!) hands-on summer learning is. You can share about Bright Lights and why you support our program via social media, e-mail or even in talking to your friends and neighbors.   

2) Many adults in Lincoln attended Bright Lights camps as children, and that influence has led them to the jobs and passions they have today! If that was you or someone you know (ask around!), we would love to have those stories sent to us at or a social media direct message. 

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