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Full STEAM Ahead with Outdoor Classes

Full STEAM Ahead with Outdoor Classes

Bright Lights is known for offering classes and camps that integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM). We challenge students to be problem-solvers and make connections. Our outdoor classes are no different!

Our Aim for the Target class in Week 5 (#818) looks at the physics of the arrow hitting (or missing!) the target. New Heights: Rock Climbing in Weeks 2 and 4 (#306 and #626) pushes students physically and mentally, as they are asked to problem-solve and find the best path to the top. Outdoor Adventures in Week 3 (#416) exposes students to a variety of hands-on experiences such as fishing and working on a ranch, both of which offer science lessons on survival skills and animal behavior.

View our Class Schedule and choose what will get your student STEAMed up! Registration opens April 1 at

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