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The Gift of Summer Learning

The Gift of Summer Learning

Every kid is currently making their wish lists, so that Santa can check them twice. Games, toys, clothes, bikes… they are all on there. But you know what might not be and should? A gift certificate to take a Bright Lights class next summer. No, kids aren’t thinking that far out, but you can for them. And they’ll thank you when they come to class and get to explore a fun topic of their choice. As my oldest son said after taking his first Bright Lights class, “That was awesome—it was nothing like school!” (Not that he doesn’t like school, but to him there were just not the similarities he thought there would be and that’s all he had to compare it to!)

Purchasing a Bright Lights gift certificate is easy. Simply go to Gift Certificates, fill out the form and we’ll send it to you. When our class schedule comes out in March, the student can choose any class they want (they are broken out by grade) and then register for it via starting April 1.

(And if I were you, I would get a little more face time out of this gift: I’d grab a copy of the class brochure in March and take them out for lunch so you can join in the fun they have picking out a class!)

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