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Summer Safety Information

  • Park & Walk Campaign at the Main Program Site Drivers: Thanks to "returning drivers!" This has been working so well! To everyone, please consider parking a block or two from Randolph and walking to/from the school to drop-off/pick-up your student(s). We are asking you to be in partnership with us to create a safer drop-off/pick-up environment.
  • Tornado Warning: At Bright Lights it is our practice that students and staff will go to the designated safe shelter place in the building during a tornado warning. Students will return to their classrooms or be released to their parent/guardian after the warning has expired. (All sites)
  • Drop & Drive: Tuesday-Friday: Drive north on S 37th in front (West side) of the school, drop your student and continue driving north.
  • A 5 minute early release for K-2 and bus students to help you connect with your younger student or help them reach the bus/car.
  • Students at different sites? If you have students taking classes at different sites, please drop-off at the main site (Randolph) first and then proceed to the community site. Pick-up your student at the community site first and then proceed to the main site (Randolph).
  • On Mondays only, parents/drivers can take students to their classrooms.
  • Tuesday - Friday, 1st Fifteen: Fifteen minutes before class begins, students will gather by class in the gym and cafeteria, located inside the front door, with classroom assistants who take students to their classes.

  • At the end of class each day at Randolph, teachers and assistants will bring students outside to the front sidewalk in class order beginning with the primary classes lining up at the north end. Older siblings can join their younger sibling's class for ease of pick-up.
  • Picking up students at non-release times will require a photo ID of the parent/guardian at the front desk at Randolph or with the community site teacher.
  • Safety ID: staff - orange shirts; teachers - blue shirts; classroom assistants - lime green shirts.
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