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Give Your Student an International Experience in Lincoln, Nebraska!

International classes offer American students a unique opportunity to interact with visiting Japanese students.

June 22-26 @ Lux Middle School
9AM - Noon | Completed Grades 6-8

International Classes for Summer 2015:

Broadway Bound - Learn about voice, movement and stage presence as you sing some of Broadway's most famous tunes.

Clay Expressions - Immerse yourself in your inner creativity as you explore one of the oldest resources-clay!

Cooking American & Japanese Cuisine - Explore cultural similarities and differences in dining etiquette while becoming an "Iron Chef".

Edible Engineering - Spaghetti towers, pretzel bridges and vegetable cars...can you make something functional out of food?

Extreme Dissecting - Observe, dissect and discuss creatures such as squid, lamprey, skate, bony fish and others.

Outdoor Adventures (New) - Experience Nebraska! Basics of fishing and hands-on ranch experience.

Physics World Z (New) - Build a bridge, make a Launch Capsule, build and test Super Slingers and Water Rockets to survive a Zombie Apocalypse!

Robotics: Lego Mindstorms EV3 - Complete real-world engineering and computer science challenges as you build robots that sit, move, talk and think.

Water Rockets (New) - With a little scientific know-how, build a rocket that travels 500 mph at altitudes more than 400 feet!

Woodworking Exploration - Learn how to use tools of the past and present as you create your own utility box.

More information is available about these and other 2015 summer classes and camps. International Program

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