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Special Offer on Select Classes & Day Camps

Bright Lights half-day classes for $75
Bright Lights full day camps for $150
Limited time - Limited space!

Details and Instructions
To take advantage of this offer (limited spots available per class/camp), please use the coupon code listed with the class description.
These codes are specific for the class/camp; they can not be used for any other classes.
This code will stay active until the designated spots per class fill.
This offer does not apply to previous registrations for these classes.

July 7-11

#534 Box of Rocks & Colossal Fossils
9am-noon, Randolph Elementary
Completed grades 4-6
Coupon code: CSBOX75
Is digging in your nature? Ever thought about becoming a geologist or paleontologist and investigating rocks and fossils? Bring in your own rock collection and use geologist's tools to find out the difference between metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks. Study fossils and create hidden fossils for each other. On Wednesday, parents will drop off at Nebraska Hall on the UNL campus where we will explore the role of a paleontologist as we discover some of the most impressive finds in the world from the Ashfall Fossil Bed collection. Then we'll walk to Morrill Hall where your parents will pick you up after we investigate first hand the role of a museum curator in creating and taking care of the displays. On Friday, we will open the doors to our classroom museum and the exhibits you have created.

#610 Reptiles Rock!
1-4pm, Randolph Elementary
Completed grades 1-2
Coupon code: CSREP75
Come slither, swim, creep and crawl with the amazing reptiles. Learn how they change colors, walk on water, bask, hiss and spit. Discover all about cool sidewinders, boas and Komodo dragons. Meet famous reptiles in books and video, make crafts and food, learn about reptile habitats, design a t-shirt and join in the "Reptile Rap." Real reptiles will visit our class 4 out of 5 days and handling them is optional. "Iguana" see you there! Bring a plain white t-shirt.

July 14-18

#780 Bones, Bandages and Brains Day Camp
9am-4pm, Union College
Completed grades 6-8
Coupon code: CSBON150
New medical discoveries are in the news every day. Come develop an awareness of the medical world around you. Activities may include exploring inside an air ambulance along with Lincoln's trauma, burn and rehabilitation centers. Enter the new worlds of dialysis, germ light, epidemics and medical robotics. Perform exploratory "surgery" as you dissect a frog. If you are interested in the many careers available as a health care professional, then this is the camp for you. Drop off/pick up will be at different medical facilities during the week.

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