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Great Classes Available & Changes/Cancellations

Good news! With more Bright Lights classes and camps offered this year than ever before, many (even some of the most popular) have openings!

Registration is going on now so don’t delay, sign up today!

2014 Class Availability

Cancelled Classes
#146 #Observe#Dissect#Science
#228 Quilting with Style
#428 Disgusting Science
Here's a sampling of classes available this summer:

Week 1

#130 Build ‘n Bust a Bridge - NEW
Completed grades: 4-6
June 2-6, 9-noon
Join us as in a competition where you will build and destroy a bridge. Learn about bridge design and engineering as you experiment with force, load, materials and shape using computer simulations. Explore the designs that have made some bridges famous. Will your design has what it takes to support the weight or will it crumble under the load?

#140 Buon Appetito! Italian Cooking & Culture
Completed grades: 5-8
June 2-6, 9-noon
Find out about the delicious world of Italian cooking and culture! Learn how to make crusty bread, delicious pasta, bruschetta, antipasto and wonderful Italian desserts with help from a local chef. Play Italian games such as Lupa della ore (Wolf of the Hour) or Strega comanda colo (Witch Commanding Color). Explore the regions of Italy as you learn about Italian culture, art, language and food. Bring your appetite, grab your forchetta and cuchiaio, and eat your way through Italy!

#222 Jewelry Design Academy (Baubles, Bangles & Beads)
Completed 3-6 Grades (grade change)
June 2-6, 1-4 pm
Learn the latest tricks, trends and techniques for using tools, beads and findings to create a unique piece of jewelry that will bring your ideas to life. Jewelry projects may include using shrink plastic, bottle caps, rubber band looms and many more creative materials to create necklaces, bracelets, bookmarks, zipper pulls and much more. Kara, from KD Designs, will share some of her work and secrets to the business as our guest speaker. On Wednesday, parents will drop off and pick up at Beads and Boutique, 40th and Old Cheney, where we will enjoy a tour, an opportunity to learn about semi-precious stones and experience a special beading project. Parents are invited on Friday to view our jewelry display.

#730 Be a Hero…Be a Teacher Day Camp
Completed grades: 6-9
June 2-6, 9-4 pm
Do you wonder what your teachers do behind the scenes? Have you imagined being in their positions, leading the lessons and making the decisions in a classroom? Then this is the camp experience for you! Join like-minded middle school students, UNL pre-service teachers, UNL professors and experienced LPS teachers to learn more about the teaching profession. Visit the Nebraska Center for Nanoscience, Husker Stadium, Sheldon Art Gallery and other locations on the UNL campus as you learn how to develop lesson plans and create a video journal with the latest technology. You will even have the opportunity to teach a lesson you create to your fellow students! Don’t miss this opportunity to explore teaching as a career and find out secrets your teachers would never tell you!

Week 2

#342 Engineering and Racing Edible Cars
Completed grades: 6-8
June 16-20, 9-noon
Grab a partner and get ready to design a functional, stylish and entirely edible car! Based on a competition sponsored by the UNL Department of Engineering, you will be experimenting with different vehicle models and food items as you learn about engineering design in a creative way. On Friday, your team’s culinary creation will roll down a sloped track and will be judged on design and performance in a final competition. Rev up your engines and get ready for a fun ride!

#420 Energy Quest (Crazy Ways to Power Up)
Completed grades: 3-5
June 16-20, 1-4 pm
Explore ways to use the Wind, Sun and Water to create your own renewable energy projects. Build your own wind turbine and use the force of the wind to move a vehicle. Cook a hot dog and make s’mores in your own solar oven. Create lightning, discover the Greenhouse Effect, make your own thermometer and so much more. Join us as we all ‘get energized’ in this exciting class.

Week 3

#616 Into the WILD! (Amazing Animals)
Completed grades: 3-5
July 7-11, 1-4 pm
Ever wanted to make scat...and eat it? Do you want to get face to face with a three foot alligator, or a bull snake? Have you ever wondered what a mountain lion's fur feels like? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are in the right class! Learn all about Wildlife--see the many faces of Nebraska natives, and non-natives. View animals up close and personal, and learn about their behaviors and habitats. Animals may include; owls, hawks, alligators, snakes, fish, frogs, mammals, and a few surprises. Animal experts will show you bird netting, mammal skulls and pelts, and live animals. You may even get a fishing lesson or two. See you out there! You will be outside a lot so be prepared to get dirty.

#622 Wildlife Art Sculpture
Completed grades: 3-6
July 7-11, 1-4 pm
Get ready to experience the exciting new way to paper mache! Through the use of cardboard, newspaper, and paper mache clay, you will construct your own three-dimensional totem pole sculpture with a focus on Nebraska wildlife. Study animal tracks, physical characteristics, and habitats to gain an inspiration for your sculpture. Then combine your ideas with those of your classmates to create a 3-D wildlife totem pole to be donated to The Nebraska Wildlife Safari Park. Create and appreciate!

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