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Bright Lights Classroom Assistants-Application begins February 14, 2014

Did you know...

During summer 2013, 263 Classroom Assistants volunteered 6,180 hours at Bright Lights!

The Classroom Assistant program is one of the elements that makes the Bright Lights program a premier choice for summer learning. Life-long learners from completed 9th - adult have the chance to work with a master teacher, learn about various subjects taught in the class, plus have the opportunity to earn community service hours. It's only a 20 hour commitment in one week!

One of the assistants said it best, "I loved working with and getting to know the kids. I enjoyed getting time to talk to a teacher and glean from her knowledge. It was fun to see the kids really interested in learning."

The application process for Classroom Assistants will begin in mid-February. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible after registration opens. This allows Bright Lights to accommodate an applicant's choice of session(s) and time(s).

Additional information available.

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