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Middle School Class Offerings 2014

#Observe #Discover #Science - NEW
Develop scientific skills to uncover the mysteries of non-living and living creatures. (Post 6 - 8)

Be a Hero…Be a Teacher – Day Camp
Find out what teachers do behind the scenes and experience life as a college student on the UNL campus. (Post 6 - 9)

Bones, Bandages and Brains Day Camp
Experience the medical profession through experiences in several of Lincoln’s medical facilities. (Post 6 - 8)

Broadway Bound
Learn about voice, movement and stage presence as you sing the greatest Broadway hits. (Post 6 - 8)

Buon Appetito! Italian Cooking & Culture – NEW
Find out the delicious world of Italian food, culture, language and more. (Post 5 - 8)

Clay Expressions
Create beautiful and useful objects with clay. (Post 6 - 8)

Cooking American & Japanese Cuisine
Become an ‘Iron Chef’ by creating dishes from both American and Japanese cultures. (Post 6 - 8)

Cosmic Comics - NEW
You will create your own characters, draw and ink comic book panels, and create dynamic covers while learning the history of comics and their place in art. (Post 5 - 8)

Digital Photography: Take Your Best Shot!
Learn how to be a better photographer. (Post 6 - 8)

Disgusting Science
Discover the science behind disgusting things like what grows on your body or why your feet stink. (Post 4 - 8)

Edible Cars – NEW
Learn about engineering basics as you design and test your own edible car. (Post 6 - 8)

Engineering Day Camp
Design and build projects for the future with the information you learn about engineering. (Post 6 - 8)

Extreme Dissecting
Observe and dissect marine animals as well as creating delicious seafood treats. (Post 6 - 8)

Fishing: Angles of Angling
Get hooked on fishing as you learn how to land the big ones with your own fishing pole donated by Scheels. (Post 4 - 7)

Five Days... Five Challenges Day Camp – NEW
Gather information from an expert such as a chef, carpenter, actor or dancer and use these skills to complete a challenge that will score points for your team. (Post 6 - 8)

Guitar Discovery
Learn the basics of how to play guitar with an electric guitar to take home and use for practice during the week. (Post 5 - 8)

Hunger Game: Test of Survival
‘May the odds be ever in your favor’ as you explore archery and survival skills using your creativity and imagination. (Post 6 - 8)

Mock Trial
Debate current issues that are currently being addressed in our legal system by participation in a trial and jury deliberations. (Post 6 - 8)

Nanotechnology & the 21st Century
The future is here now as nanotechnology paves the way for changes in science, medicine, the food we eat, clean energy and biosensors. Learn more in this fascinating class. (Post 6 - 9)

Robotics: LEGO Mindstorms NXT & EV3
Build and program robots using the latest LEGO kits. (Multiple Grade Levels)

Sew, SO Easy
Make a fashion statement by creating a variety of projects using a sewing machine. (Post 4-6)

Woodworking Exploration
Learn the basics of woodworking using power tools. (Post 6 - 8)

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